1. What are different classes for which tupractice test modules are offered?
Tupractice tests are available for CBSE classes 6 to 10 for now. The tests are available online on
2. How do I subscribe and use Tupractice’s various test modules ?
The website “” belongs to M/s Vedicventures Learnings Pvt. Ltd. Tupractice is offered in combination with it’s course modules under the name of Tupoints which is a self learning collection of animated lessons from class 6 to 10 offered in science and maths for now. A student can subscribe to Tupractice’s test modules by visiting Upon subscription, the student shall be mailed the log-in credentials which can be used to access the tests freely on
3. If I subscribe to tupractice, do I get to use all the test modules of tupractice?
You get access to complete tupractice solution only if you subscribe the advance learning combo of tupractice. All other combos allow only limited access to tupractice solution. Please read the combo contents carefully before subscription.
4. What are the different features of tupractice test solution?
The primary features of tupractice test solution are-
  • Variety of Test models for learning revision and exhaustive practice.
  • Tests on each chapter, topic and concepts under a subject.
  • Objective Tests-multiple choice, Fill in the blanks and True/False questions
  • Instant Test results-score,marks %, grade etc as per curriculum scheme
  • Ascertainment of learning levels-knowledge,understanding, application etc
  • Analysis & Evaluation-progressive performance measurement for learning gaps
  • Feedback for improvement- specific measures to improve learning performance.


1. What scheme of assessment tupractice test solution follows ?
Tupractice test solutions follow the assessment scheme of CBSE.
2. What are different assessment parameters on which tests are conducted?
Tests are designed to assess the knowledge , understanding and applicative ability of a student on the underlying concepts.
3. What are key elements of result monitoring and measurement?
For all tests, a student is advised of the total score, score %, time used and the grade as per CBSE’s scheme.


1. How does tupractice measure learning gaps ?
Tupractice’s scheme of evalution has an in-built mechnism of tracking test results of each student progressively.Since the scheme of assessment has tests on each chapter, topic and concepts under study, the test results clearly reveal learning gaps at the topic level and for different parameters.
2. How does tupractice measure the progressive improvement in a student’s learning performance?
Since tupractice has an in-built mechanism of tracking and analysing the test results of each test of a student, it becomes very easy to measure and know the progressive performance of a student on a topic over a period of time. This analysis is available to each student undertaking tupractice tests immediately after the test for self assessment and evaluation.
3. How does tupractice help a student understand what efforts student needs to take to improve learning?
Tupractice does not only make available the performance results measured accurately but also provides a student very specific feedback on what kind of efforts a student needs to undertake to improve the learning levels.
4. How many test results a student can see at a time for self assessment?
A student gets to see the results of preceding 12 tests at a time showing progressive improvement and cumulative average performance.